My friend’s pearl thong story

You already know how exited I was when discovered pearl thong. At first I didn’t wanted to share this with anyone else then my partner. But two weeks ago, couple of my girlfriend got together and went out for a drink. After few drinks we started to talk about our boyfriends and sex, which is totally normal for us. I told them about my pearl thong and what they did for me and they were all laughing at me. So I stop talking about it and we move on to new topics.

Next day, Gina called me (she is one of those girlfriends). She started to ask me, if there is any truth about pearl thong I was talking about last night. So I told here what they are doing to me and our sex life and how much my partner loves it too. Now Gina was excited too. She asked me where she can get a pair of pearl thongs. I told her to check Amazon, where I bought them.

She and her boyfriend were planing a small party for his birthday and Gina decided to give him a “special” second birthday gift. She already bought him nice wrist watch, but she wanted to try pearl thong and decided to try them with her boyfriend after birthday party.

Week passed by and there was just few more days until the birthday party. Gina got her pearl thong and she was very anxious to try them, but she decided to wait until birthday party. At first, she wanted to wait until end of the party, but excitement got the best of her. She put them on even before part started.

When I came to the party, she came to me and whisper in my ear that she doesn’t feel comfortable in pearl thong. They were rubbing her the way she didn’t like and she was in doubt that they were a good idea. I said to her to wait a little bit longer and give them a second chance.

After drink or two we started to dance and move and Gina seems to relax a bit. Very soon, she lean to me and whisper to me that pearl thongs started to work. She started to feel them and then she really started to move. I never saw her move like that. After few dances, I went to kitchen to refill my drink and when I came back she and her boyfriend were gone. At first I thought that they step out for a cigarette or something. After 15 or 20 minutes they were back. They were smiling and look very much in love. At first I didn’t pay much attention to there behavior, but later I notice that they have disappear at least two more times.

Yesterday, Gina and I went out for a coffee to talk about party and there ”after party”. The first think I asked her was where she and her boyfriend keep disappearing all night long? She start to explaining me how pearl thong started to work just moments after she started to dance and after just few songs she was so aroused she couldn’t wait for party to end, so she grab her boyfriend by the hand and took him to bedroom for a quicky. Her boyfriend couldn’t believe what he saw. He liked pearl thong so much they went for another quicky three more times during the party.

Gina could stop talking about how much she and her bf like pearl thong. She will probably also buy couple more of them in different colors, maybe even pearl thong bodysuit. It was clear she is hooked. Can’t blame her, so am I.

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