Lace thong

415AlgrFJaL Lace thongAre you looking for underwear that is comfortable, sexy, and invisible under your clothes, in the back? Then, if you haven’t bought one already, try a lace thong! Lace is a material that has been used in the making of women’s underwear, as well as women’s lingerie for many years. If you don’t currently where any place songs, then here are a few reasons why you should get yourself a pair, or two, or three, or a bunch of them! Even though the thong part of the underwear goes into the middle of your behind, it can still be very comfortable. There are many different types of lace thongs, and you can choose the ones you want to wear, depending on where you are going, your mood, or even based on , what you’re going to where for the day. Let’s get a few examples. Your week has been very long, and the time with your man, has been very short.

You want to wear something sexy, and you have your lingerie, but no sexy underwear; this is where a great pair of lace thongs can come in. For this particular instance, you may want to try to crotchless lace thong. It’s of course sexy, it can be matched to most lingerie, and without the crotch, you can get right to the action while keeping on the sexy underwear that helped to turn him on in the first place! If you’re going out on the town and you have on a thin dress that is pretty tight, you don’t want panty lines showing, so a lace thong would be great for this. You won’t have to worry about anything showing in the back, so no one will have any idea of what kind of underwear you are currently wearing. If you are wanting to wear jeans, but they are low rise, you can actually get a great pair of low rise lace thong that will fit snuggly under your jeans, and not show at the top of the jeans, making them perfect for any occasion.

Great lace thong

Lace thongs are also great to just wear around the house, either under your pajamas, lingerie, or if you live alone, or are very bold, by itself with only a bra on! You have an almost an endless list of colors to choose from, so that any lace thong you choose will either match what your wearing, or not wearing! Wink! And also so you can feel very sexy, as well as feeling comfortable while wearing them. There are also several styles to choose from in terms of how much extra lacing you want on it. There are some where you will have extra lacing, almost like a ring, going all the way around the underwear, but it is still a thong in the back! This gives more design to it, as well as individualism. If you like things being written on your underwear in the front, you can also get lace thongs like that too!

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You’ll love this sexy lingerie

71d0EUMVdiL. UY679  You’ll love this  sexy lingerie The word sexy lingerie comes from a French word that more or less just means ‘linen’, and applied, originally, to both male and female undergarments. It’s not very sexy or spectacular when taken in that context. Today, though, even just the word, ‘lingerie’ is at once sleek, confident, and evocative. It conjures images of satin skin peeking through a wisp of gossamer lace, of that ideal male fantasy where there is no need for conquest because the prize already belongs to him.

Sexy lingerie

It is a sexy and powerful word, rife with our favorite things; sex, power, and playtime. In some ways, lingerie is more powerful than nudity, because it implies a collusion – a much higher level of cooperation and interaction than simply doffing one’s clothes. A greater commitment to sexual playtime. But to what point is lingerie the extension of man’s ego into the world of women? Since the twenties and before, women seemed to be shedding hemlines by the decade at a rapidly accelerating pace. When once they were cocooned and wrapped as tightly as one of king Tut’s mummies, now they can appear in public in anything that covers all the naughty bits without anyone even saying a cross word. What was driving those hemlines up? Why were those necklines plunging down? Why was the swimsuit shrinking?

It’s because women want to look attractive to their potential partners and mates, and better than the other girls . And men being men, the women realized that if just a little more skin was showing, it got a little bit easier. The taxi would stop for them, they would get asked to the dance. He would treat her to dinner. The point is that women have always had the manipulative advantage in sexual play, have always held the greater power, simply because men are slaves to their eyes. But women lose that power among peers, and it becomes and remains a competition, because someone else’s skirt is always shorter.

But does that apply to lingerie? Well, not directly. But the fact is, pleasing a mate by dressing up in whatever stringy bits of satin he finds irresistible is somewhere along the same lines. It’s a concession to the sexual obsession of man. That’s not to say that women don’t get any joy from such dress up or such play, but there is still an element of capturing and keeping a mate by being willing to sink into his fantasies, for a woman to present her body to him the way he wants it. Is this description universal? Absolutely not. Plenty of women like the play, the dress up, or just that feeling of being sexy in their fancy sexy lingerie. But it is a factor. Sex sells, or advertisers wouldn’t use it so monotonously. Women know it, men know it, but it works. But maybe you’ll be a little more aware, next time, of how many psychological and social factors converge right where her tiny lace underwear hooks into her knee-high stockings.

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Flipping through a magazine, looking at a billboard, watching a television show, browsing the Internet? Yep, you are bound to see ladies in lingerie. The thought of underwear can make people blush. No matter how comfortable or uncomfortable you may feel, lingerie pics can be seen almost anywhere. Many advertisements show nakedly clad women seductively posing to get women and their mates to buy underwear. Lingerie pics can serve many purposes. They can help a husband find a quick anniversary present for their wife, assist a woman in finding comfortable or sexy underwear, or they can help motivate young designers to develop new fashion trends within the intimate apparel industry. Lingerie pics seem to be a dominant part of American culture. 71O79mGWs4L. UY679  Lingerie

Lingerie pics

Images of women in underwear not only can be stimulating for men, but can also help a young woman feel sexy on the inside and out. Seeing lingerie pics may help a woman feel confident, particularly if the model in the lingerie pic is seen as relatable to the average woman. There are many pics of skinny as well as full figured women in underwear. This can help a woman improve in her ability to see herself as confident and sexy.

Being that there are so many lingerie pics in magazines, billboards, and the Internet; one is bound to find underwear that is appealing. Whether one prefers lace, sheer material, cotton, or satin is up to the individual. That is the great thing about seeing lingerie pics one always has options! When shopping for underwear, a person can mix and match pieces to make a personalized choice. The lingerie pic can be a catalyst for creativity when choosing the best lingerie for that person. The downside of a lingerie pic is that it is not a tangible item. One would still need to go to the store, feel and try on the lingerie to determine if it fits their needs. Otherwise, one may take a risk by seeing the lingerie pic and ordering the product online. Either way, there are always options when purchasing underwear.

No matter how a person feels about lingerie, there is no denying that lingerie pics seem to dominate product placements and even social media. In browsing through various social media sites, a female posting a profile pic within her lingerie seems very common nowadays. This can be due to the female wanting to gain attention from her “followers”, make her mate jealous, or display a new set of underwear she just purchased. Even celebrities seem to be on the bandwagon of posting lingerie pics. Some celebrities may post lingerie pics to promote a new product line, while other celebs may post lingerie pics to help promote their brand. In the past, the idea of underwear seemed to be more of an intimate topic. Now, lingerie pics on the Internet seem commonplace and make it a little easier to discuss. Who would have thought that underwear pics would have such an impact on today’s society?

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Sexy Creations – G-String

51ztx4Oc0iL. UX466  Sexy Creations   G String Have you ever wanted to wear a fairly close-fitting skirt or pants but found the visible panty-lines created a less-than-smooth effect and drew attention to the wrong thing? Do you find body-shapers to be too hot and confining? The g-string panty is a perfect solution to these problems. Unlike full-seated panties, a g-string generally has a slim, thong-like back which lies between the buttocks when worn, lending a refined and smooth finish underneath a clinging skirt or trousers. Some women find the narrow back of a g-string to be too slim to be comfortable where it lies, and may prefer a thong or t-back with a slightly wider rear panel.

Style of underwear G-String

While this style of underwear is a sleek and commonplace staple in the today’s modern wardrobe, especially when low-riding jeans are in style, the garment is said to have its distant origins in the tribal history of the South Pacific. Native islanders there would wear a loincloth consisting of a string belt around the waist and a narrow strip of fabric covering the groin. The g-string has certainly come a long way from this primitive version! Some people say that the ‘g’ in g-string comes from the word ‘groin’. Others surmise that its etymological roots are related to the resemblance of the thong back of the panty to the G string of a guitar.

The g-string is not only a useful garment for dressing well: it’s also extremely sexy. Although one may find the g-string bit risqué for a bikini-bottom style on some public beaches in, say, the United States, it’s ideal for lolling about on the sands of the French Riviera. In the boudoir it is an essential and titillating piece of lingerie. G-strings come in a wide variety of fabrics and colors, as well as in more exotic materials: silk-trimmed with lace edging, smooth synthetics, playful and romantic versions with ribbon-ties at the sides, and even leather versions of this style of panty exist. No matter what the panties are made of, however, it’s important that the pair has a cotton gusset, or at least a cotton-lined gusset, for breathability.

Many men find the g-string alluring because, while it bares a fairly large expanse of erogenous skin, it leaves just enough to the imagination in what remains hidden. This little puzzle certainly lets fantasy take wing! The g-string is an ideal panty to wear in a lingerie set: it looks delightful with a suspendered-garter belt and thigh-high stockings, perhaps with high-heeled mules, or beneath a merry-widow, a bustier, or a baby-doll top. While the g-string is ultimately a highly feminine piece of lingerie, it is not unheard of for men to wear them as well. Not everyone should try to wear this garment. A good rule of thumb for deciding whether or not to don this sartorial confection is to ask yourself “Would someone thank me for the sight of me wearing this pair of panties?” If the answer is no, it’s probably best to skip it and head for the briefs.

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Making you feel sexy…

71SzSyexSWL. UX466  Making you feel sexy...

Imagine having a pair of panties that does more than just cover you, they actually work throughout the day for you. That’s right, they work for you. What job could panties actually do for you? Besides the obvious answer of making you feel sexy, there is one more fabulous job they can master during the day, providing you with stimulation and excitement with every shift of your body.

So what are these sexy stimulating panties you ask? Let me introduce you to Pearl Panties. While there are many styles to choose from, the standard style is a lace waistband with a string of pearls attached front to back. These panties also come in a double strand style.

The idea behind the pearl panties is that the string of pearls rest against your more sensitive female parts and gently glides and moves with each stretch and shift of your body. This causes vaginal stimulation the entire time you are wearing the panties. Sort of like extended foreplay. Similar to regular thongs they are unnoticeable under most clothing.

Pearl panties are available at lingerie shops as well as many online retailers. So if you’re looking for a little more bang out of your panties, try a pair of pearl panties. You won’t be disappointed.

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